Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Neutrality of Language

It seemed so horrible when I first heard
Though that Kabul suicide bombing blast lent just the right tone
For the day some said would be the apocalypse
But if it were really true would we have even heard
It only takes a few minutes to get over things these days anyway
And if there is even a faint pulse a blood pulp can be kept alive
When a bullet to the head would be more merciful
Or bullets to the chest and head like Bin Laden
Those covered in blood learn so many neutral ways to explain it
Things not even a Primo Levi would try to make sense of
Let's just call it post-traumatic stress disorder
Because there are so many neutral ways
To tell stories that shouldn't even be imagined Let alone told
A rape is a sexual assault
A bloody bombing is the work of "militants"
Kind of makes you wonder what you call really bad people
It's unlikely a Shakespeare or Camus would be up to it
Better left to an Edgar Allan Poe or even Stephen King
But our world clearly passed even them by years...

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