Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gaddafi's Heir Surrenders Meekly

Libya government fighters have captured Muammar Gaddafi's arrogant heir apparent, Saif al-Islam, in the western mountain city of Zintan.

Saif, unlike his father, surrendered along with three armed comrades without a fight, according to Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya. He had frequently boasted on the BBC that he would keep his father's fight alive and drive NATO from Libya
Gaddafi was killed in his home town of Sirte on Oct. 20.
Human Rights Watch called on the Libyan transitional government to hand him over to the International Criminal Court and treat him humanely.

“The authorities will send an important message that there’s a new era in Libya, marked by the rule of law, by treating Saif al-Islam humanely and surrendering him to the ICC,” said Richard Dicker, international justice director at Human Rights Watch.

“His fair prosecution at the ICC will afford Libyans a chance to see justice served in a trial that the international community stands behind.”
Saif, 39. was educated in Britain. He is likely to face charges before the International Criminal Court.

Although Gaddafi had ordered the destruction of British and French airliners in 1988 and 1988 he was able to buy his way out of trouble with his oil billions.
His agents committed other acts of terrorism also.

But when the Arab Spring set the region on fire, it also inspired Libyans to bring the regime down. He had killed and tortured thousands of his own people.

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