Friday, December 23, 2011

Internet on the Brink

Netizens of the World Wide Web had a shot fired across their bow Friday. At the very least they must realize there is a world out there.
India is one of the biggest Web users in the world.
And this shows Web may be in danger before the U.S. Congress even passes SOPA, if it does.
The Times of India reported Friday that an Indian court in Delhi called in all the powers, Google, Google, Youtube and 18 others to charge them with criminal conspiracy for “selling, publicly exhibiting and … (circulating) obscene, lascivious content,” The Times of India reported. They also were accused of promoting racial hatred and violence, as radio had done before them.
Google said because of the holiday no one was on duty to comment. 
Some are arguing that Hollywood, or perhaps Bollywood, are behind such restraints.
But there has been widespread use of the Internet to spread profanity. In the U.S. there have been several major cases in which coaches at all levels have used the Web to sexually harass or assault athlets.
Internet content has caused riots and death. It also has led to freedom for millions, and brought down dictators.
Google already lost a YouTube case in Italy for material it removed as soon as it learned it was present.
Freedom of speech in the U.S. excludes prior restraint. That means someone may not be stopped from saying, something but can be punished afterwards.
In essence that means the accountability must follow the act. On the other hand, providers can be held responsible for permitting it continues. Racketeeering laws, in the U.S., can be used in such circumstances.

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