Saturday, December 10, 2011

Putin and the Wolf

My what big teeth you have?  Sadly Apple rushed out an app that would wire his mouth shut.

The head of the Russian Mafia thought he had set up democracy activists so he could trick them into violency protests and then take them down like Peter the Wolf, blaming it all the time on that wicked Hillary.

It certainly was true that the American Imperialist had been using all her social media tools and friends to accuse Putin of stealing the latest Russian election.

But although Twitter, Facebook, Google, American official media like Voice of America urged the Russians to resist the return to the Evil Empire, the biggest protest since Communism fell went on without any major violence reported. Of course Putin's thugs arrested hundreds of patriots in the days before Saturday's national protests.

Hundreds of thousands of dissidents marched throughout the huge country and made fun of the ex-KGB black belt guy.
President Medvedev was quoted by one site as saying if the election really was crooked it needs to be run again. Many twitted they wanted no resolution just a new, free and fair election.

Considering all the false war crimes made against the U.S., NATO and the Arab League in Libya, Putin might want to watch his own mouth.

Mikael Gorbachev, who blocked the commies from regaining power, said that Putin wants to do just that.

Wikileaks released a U.S. Cable saying Putin et al were using the Russian Mafia to do their dirtiest work.

At the very best, Putin will be lucky to have any credibility at all. That’s assuming he survives in office.

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