Friday, January 20, 2012

Alice in Afghanistan

Are the lives of French troops more important to their government than U.S. fighters are to Washington.

The killing of four French soldiers, and wounding of at least 12 more, led President Nicholas Sarkozy to order a stop to training of Afghan soldiers and police.

Six Americans died in a helicopter Thursday. Washington seemed to think it was some comfort that the chopper probably was not shot down, but crashed due to a maintenance problem or pilot error.

Please don’t trick yourself into thinking the reason President Obama isn’t taking an action like Sarkozy is because our soldiers are better than the French.

Remember the French Navy made it possible for us to become independent. And then of course there is Napoleon. He took Moscow, something the Nazis couldn’t.
French Defense Minister Gerard Longuet was ordered to Afghanistan immediate. “As part of a drive inside the base that gunman shot, killed four of our soldiers in conditions that are unacceptable , he said. “They were not armed, they were murdered by an Afghan soldier.”
American and other NATO forces have suffered similar losses, betrayed by people we are trying to help. The fact is many of these people consider us invaders and themselves heroes.
"I can not accept that Afghan soldiers fired on the French soldiers " , said Sarkozy . The question of an early return of the French army was raised, he told Le Monde.

"If the conditions of security are not clearly restored, then the question of an early withdrawal of the French army would arise," Sarkozy said.
"The French army is in Afghanistan at the service of the Afghans against terrorism and against the Taliban. The French army is not in Afghanistan so that Afghan soldiers can shoot at them," the Guardian reported.
The Guardian also reported that research commissioned by the U.S. showed the lack of trust with NATO and the Afghan people probably will mean more ambushes.
Perhaps Sarkozy’s actions could partly be tied to his re-election bid. The wars are barely an issue in America, distracted by unemployment, the Internet, entertainment and hijinks by its political parties.
The war in Afghanistan is barely an issue in the U.S. The mainstream media, after helping the Bush Administration to launch us into a war in Iraq for no authentic reason, largely has given up interest. Only the Internet keeps it alive.
“A celebrated people lose dignity upon a closer view,” said Napoleon.
Army Times reports attacks one NATO forces by our so-called allies have been increasing.
U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan are seeing a rise in attacks from supposedly friendly Afghan security forces, most recently the shooting of four French troops Friday and a U.S. soldier earlier this month.

Timeline for assaults on NATO troops by Afghan Army or police:


  1. Sometimes it's time for people to leave that sad country to its own devices.

  2. If history does not teach, then perhaps experience will.