Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Internet TV

No, I am not talking about an Internet ready TV that requires an expensive wireless or HDMI cable connection. Nor the ability to have 3D or even some system that emulates the shaking of an earthquake or bomb blast.
Just make the bloody TV ready to go. Keyboard and mouse. All you need is a modem-router and an account.
There are so many workarounds now it is becoming silly.
For example, some devices can connect your TV to your cable TV box.
Apple TV offers splendid connections to Netflix, YouTube and others but will not surf the Web. Google has its version, much more expensive.
Apple only goes to certain sites.
When I brought this up with marketing reps several years ago they told me no one wanted a computer in their living room or entertainment room.
Wonder why alternatives such as iPads have done so well. Surely not everyone is reading it exclusively on trains, planes, and I certainly hope not while driving an automobile.
If they ever get this done (seems likely to happen this year actually) will there be a market for the HDMI cables.
And while we are at it, make sure it plugs right into your home theater complex.


  1. I do not understand this question. If tamiland sports channels are available on the Internet they probably can be seen throughout the world. However, some outlets, like the BBC, block its live news from being seen in certain countries. For example, the U.S., because the BBC has its own American TV channel, BBC America.

  2. I think your comment -- There is a saying. We must remember who we are and who we are not. -- is an important one. I don't know if the school children in the US memorize In Flanders Fields or not, but there is a line there that is true throughout the years. If ye break faith with those who died, we shall not rest. The Vietnam vets took years before an ungrateful nation recognized their sacrifice, don't let it happen to the currently enlisted ones.