Monday, February 6, 2012

Should We Be Worried About Lego Movies

While the world was watching the Social Media animate the Arab World in real life, there was a dark side. Lego, on the other hand, seems pretty bright.
Not nearly as violent as the video games my kids play.
As I was updating my Web page on the Columbine Massacre (I was the leading AP reporter) I couldn’t resist adding the Lego Columbine piece. It is Danish, a reflection of how Lego movies or clips or whatever they are know no boundaries.
Tim Burton developed the stop motion animation, among others.
There are numerous Lego versions of 127 hours. No one makes the joke making the rounds about how if you play it backwards it is about a disabled man who finds an arm in the desert, attaches it, and parties on. Some certainly are in bad taste, much like life.
Here is what author David Waterhouse had to say about it one of his many pieces on the Web.
“Things would be so much better if the world was made out of Lego. Even the worst things about life, like traffic wardens, taxes and Lorraine Kelly, would be significantly improved if they were made out of little yellow bricks.
“… And what about terrible films? Could you actually make something truly awful such as Tim Burton’s Planet Of The Apes remake watchable by making it purely out of Lego bricks?”
My guess would be yes, though I don’t want to take too much of the fun out of it by telling you much.
Check them out on the Web, especially on YouTube.
So far I haven’t been able to reach Waterhouse. I am guessing Lorraine Kelly is a Scottish TV presenter.
But you need to be careful about what you meme. For example, some are using the word “prestitute” for female news anchors and reporters.
There must be dozens on 127 Hours alone. One of my favorites is 127 Seconds, when a student gets his arm caught under books. Check it out.
Some of the Lego videos have great music, including from the films they are spoofing. There already are their own versions of Oscars.
Perhaps the Legos could hook up with the Occupy people and seize power from our socalled leaders. 
Several different versions of what we should do on particular issues could be made Lego videos and then we could go online and vote on them.
In the meantime, the CDC should send haz-mat teams into the mainstream media. Viruses are brewing there faster than in designer-beer breweries.
For those of a more traditionally artistic bent, trying this Web site:

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