Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hawaii 5-0 Staff Insults Pearl Harbor Vets

Denver veterans of Pearl Harbor have told Channel 7 publicly that they were treated as nuisances by staff of “Hawaii F-O” when they attended the anniversary a week ago.
Staffers for CBS interfered with them walking through the graves at Punchbowl Cemetery, the TV station reported.
It showed video of the incidents.
Radio host Steffan Tubbs, who attended, said he heard show staff telling them to be quiet. Some were stopped from placing roses there. He is a board member of the Greatest Generations Foundation.
“The whole staff at Hawaii Five-0, whether it be the directors or the support staff, were completely disrespectful to our survivors and those veterans,” said Timothy Davis, president and chief executive officer of The Greatest Generations Foundation.
He said 23 of the 24 veterans were Pearl Harbor survivors.
During its newscast Tuesday night the station said the network had apologized.
This will probably be the last year for most of the survivors, who are generally in their late 80s or early 90s, to visit on the anniversary. So far no formal veterans’ ceremony is planned for next December.

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  1. What despicable behavior on the part of the TV crew. If they were thinking, they would have filmed as much of the vets' activity as possible and used it in an episode. To disrespect the dead and the old in that way is inexcusable.