Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Humans

The blows heard around the world may come from a relatively small Chinese village but the social media is preventing the Communist regime from keeping it quiet.

It won’t work. At least one journalist is inside Wukan, and the social media has plenty of experience outwitting dictators.

The people, near Hong Kong, are reportedly fed up with the Communist regime’s officials allowing their underlings to take property and hand it to developers to flip it to get rich quick.

It is the first time Beijing has lost control of a governmental unit since the early days of the Mao regime.

Unlike most of the Occupy events elsewhere there has been at least one death. One Chinese YouTube video shows a local woman being assaulted with a baton by a policewoman. She blows it off like Jackie Chan. Food has been cut off, no fishing is allowed and the village is on lockdown.

But in some ways it must be more frustrating than the U.S. and Europe. There are jobs. But what do you do with the money?

Around the world social media is waking sleeping people who gone from being ants to become giants. It is almost like the story of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The New Yorker is calling Putin's Russia the Civil Archipelago.

Social media could be the equivalent of the drug they are given in the movie. I know the power of apes and chimpanzees because I was knocked down by a gorilla in a primate center at a primate center in a jungle in Gabon. A chimpanzee distracted the 400-poud gorilla so I could flee.

But the democracy advocates have no powerful drug that turns them into the intellectual equals of humans to heal that diseases like alzheimers and is mistakenly given a bit and then the enlightened ones take more.

At times in the movie, as a big battle is fought on the Golden Gate bridge the seemingly overpowered Chimpanzees and gorillas are reminiscent of American Indians fighting the Calvary on horseback in the fog.

The way people are coming together now reminds one of John Galt. Outing corruption.

The winner has not been declared yet. Former French President Jacques Chirac was convicted this week of corruption. Gaddafi is dead. Army Pvt. Bradley Manning no doubt won’t do as well when he first goes to court for his assistance to Wikileaks more than 18 months after his arrest began. Much of the time he was being held in solitary, naked at bedtime. It was considered torture. At least remains won't be incinerated and dumped like our war heroes.

Some scenes in the Apes say it all. “Take your hands off  me you damn dirty ape.” Caesar the chimpanzee leading the revolt replies. “No.” Then the trashing of San Francisco begins. The apes, chimpanezees and gorillas don’t even make up one percent and their idea of occupy is more like Sherman marching through the South.

On the bridge is anything but “shooting fish in a barrel” and the army of the one percenters’ SUVs appear more like toys,.

When the playing field is finally leveled it will make a great YouTube video. After all, these people are home.

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