Thursday, January 12, 2012

Marines Allegedly Urinated On Taliban Bodies

The Marine Corps Times reports investigators at the highest level are reviewing whether Marines urinated on four Taliban bodies, as purportedly shown in a video on YouTube and elsewhere today.
So far there has been no indication the video is a fraud.
The Marines can be heard joking about what they are doing. “Have a good day buddy” and “Golden like a shower.”
One of the Marines is holding what the Times said is a “precision,” or sniper rifle.
That and their other Marine gear and uniforms could help the Naval Intelligence Service track them down.
The Times reported: “The unit identified in the caption beneath the video — 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines — returned to Camp Lejenue in October from a standard seven-month deployment to Afghanistan’s Helmand province. Its Marines saw intense action in and around Musa Qala, a violent district located in northern Helmand.” The unit’s chain of command denied comment.
 The video was first uploaded by a user named semperfiLoneVoice.
It has drawn acerbic remarks on Tweeter, including Semper Pee, a twist on the Marine code Semper Fi, roughly translated from Latin and meaning keep the faith.
On the other hand, some commenting on the Marine Corps Facebook page dismissed the action as irrelevant and some said they would do it if they had a chance.
“The actions portrayed are not consistent with our core values and are not indicative of the character of the Marines in our Corps. This matter will be fully investigated.”

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  1. Where is the officer in charge of these men? For those that are enemies of the US, this illustrates perfectly how the well equipped, well fed kill the poor and barefoot. Note the high tech wheel barrow in the foreground. This sort of disrespect to ones fellow human besmirches all the good people in the US and endangers all of us in the Western world who are your allies.