Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Hampshire: A Word of Warning

It probably won’t hold up but it is worth noting that President Obama beat all the Republican contenders in the two New Hampshire villages that voted early in the presidential primary.
Obama totaled 13 votes in Dixville Notch and Hart’s Location. Mitt Romney led the GOP candidates with a total of seven votes in the two towns that voted just after midnight today.
These two towns are well aware that they can get attention by departing from the media’s plan. Stepping out for Obama may be driven by antipathy to Republicans, though.
Reuters reported a fresh national poll showed Obama leading Romney and all other GOP candidates.
This could mean trouble for the Republicans though.
Obama has been portraying them as obstructionists, who have tried to block everything he wanted to do.
Some of the social issues pushed by the Tea Party and right are anathema in the "Live Free or Die State." Mary Jo Liacos of Manchester told the Guardian: "We don't want to be told what our values are."Romney may have moved to the top of the GOP cast because he is seen as a moderate. Running a moderate against Obama likely would cause many conservatives to stay at home.
And that might cancel out stay-at-home progressives, unhappy with Obama not keeping his word on health care, torture and the wars.
It could even lead to a third party candidate on the right.
The party of Lincoln once had a proud record on the environment and some other issues. Now it is seen as a mouthpiece for fundamentalist Christians in the south.
Should Obama win a second term, he might find himself facing a weakened and embarrassed opposition.

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  1. I'm disappointed that Perry is stubbornly continuing, despite drawing only 1% of the vote.