Thursday, February 23, 2012

Credit 22

As the economy starts showing signs of life don’t expect that any one of those hundreds of jobs you have applied for will fall into your hands.
Sadly, many employers will not hire you if you have bad credit.
Personal finance expert Liz Weston says there is no evidence connecting bad credit to job skills or likely performance.
She has included the subject in her latest book because there is "mounting evidence  that employers are abusing credit checks."
It’s kind of like insurance companies refusing to pay victims of PTSD a third of the money they are entitled to if part of their problem is depression.
Geeze. You are suffering from PTSD or some other major problem and you get depressed.
You lose your job, or jobs, can’t pay your bills and your credit goes down the toilet.
Of course bankers, if they escape jail, can get right back where they were. No one blames them.
These days you are lucky if you can even talk, face to face, with an employer. It’s almost always some kind of résumé orgy. It just isn’t going to happen.
Some states are cracking down on the use of bad credit to deny jobs. But spam for finding out credit scores must be driven by something.

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