Monday, February 20, 2012

Winds of War

With American/NATO, Iranian and Russian warships playing chicken, it appears a missing plug in, in today’s language, is the only thing missing.
Syria could be it. Israel could be the decider
There is increasing evidence that the Putin Regime wants to match arms with the U.S., a battle it lost long ago and is not likely to win again.
Clearly it is a way to guarantee his election to a second presidential term. Only time will tell whether the tactic can be dropped once the victory is won.
Critics of expanding relations with Moscow would say we have already given away most our leverage. Last December Moscow was allowed in the World Trade Organization.
Retired CIA station chief Robert Grenier, writing for Al Jazeera, said, “Any conventional war involving Israel, the US, Iran and perhaps other regional powers would be a limited one. Military efforts to degrade Iranian nuclear capabilities and defence infrastructure will surely not include an attempt at occupying the country, nor at forcibly removing its government. Even the US would not be capable of doing so, even if it were so inclined. Nor is war likely to induce either the Iranian regime or its people to capitulate on their nuclear program, regardless of its ultimate intent. Instead, armed intervention is far more likely to swing the Iranians more solidly behind their government and its nationalist agenda, even if that agenda were temporarily set back.”
I recall France once rather ominously pointed out  that it has a very dirty bomb that could be used and keep property damage limited.
Should strong force be needed to drive Syria’s Assad from power could that cause Iran to step back. Would Russia attempt to forcefully block the West, not if its recents signals are accurate.


  1. I think you might be talking about the neutron bomb. It kills living tissue but leaves inanimate objects unscathed. I would be surprised if the US lacks the technology too. I wonder what ever would happen to all the arms dealers and their fortunes if people refused to play their games.

  2. Iran is a dictatorship that treats people it disagrees with brutally. Russia should know better. However, there is some irony in the fact that France has a bomb that few in the world would approve of.