Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ludicrous Tuesday

You are more likely to have an Amazon store come to your town than a Republican primary.
It certainly would mean more.
Sometimes these things look like the kind of standoff a local SWAT team would handle.
The media reports today that Independents don’t care for any of the candidates. That is blamed on bruising primaries.
It does seem that some candidates have taken out bounties on their opponents. It is easier, however, to knock an opponent out than to build your own credibility.
One possible factor, in addition to the primaries, is the possibility Independents were put off by the failure of the GOP to do anything.
President Obama, on the other hand, can probably count on enough Progressives to vote for him to win a second term.
For some it is déjà vu all over again. At least in 1968 there was a third candidate, sadly it was George Wallace.
Given the Internet’s ability to send unhappy activists into the streets of Cairo and Moscow,  and into the artillery of Syria, one wonders why so little impact here. Occupy this, occupy that.  Hey they try.
Recessions being somewhat cyclical, things are turning around.
Who will admit being a Republican in December? Kind of reminds one of the late Everett Dirksen denying he had nominated Barry Goldwater as the GOP presidential nominee. Expect something like that.
And all the stories of this boring campaign wouldn’t even fill the smallest Kindle.
The fact is they want us to have no fun of any kind.

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  1. Obama is looking to be the best choice for voters but that's not saying much. He has yet to deliver on his campaign promises from his first mandate. The Republican front runners would be a joke if this were a Peter Sellers movie, but it's not. This is the number one economy with the most effective military in the world. That any of those candidates would be considered worthy of leading such a country gives many of us nightmares. In retrospect, Barry G. looks like a moderate.