Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Madness

We should have known when the Ides of March was preceded by Linsanity.
Holy Steve Jobs. Not only did we have a Super Tuesday, Wednesday starts with a new iPad.
Defendant in privacy case in New Jersey is rushed by spectators in a court room.
Pirate Bay now calls itself Supr Bay.
Peyton Manning will always be a Colt. But because of an injury caused by a bounty hunter he won’t be playing for them.
Politics remain a dream. Should we call in a Lego crew? Caesar was stabbed 23 times.
A bad joke that needs to be told again. Republicans appear headed to a Sanatorium.
What did they expect after they pissed off a majority of women and workers. Who does that leave out.
Rush made sure contraception was included. I’ll bet this guy never hard of foreplay. Well, with all those drugs available why bother.
Six Brits killed in Afghanistan. No, the war is not over. Perhaps the mainstream media might mention it from time to time.
The slaughter continues in Syria. Again, too many references to screw ups elsewhere, like Vietnam. Let’s talk about Rwanda, the Balkans and Liberia.
Where is a drone when you need one.

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